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the Artist | Célestine

Célestine was born in China right after the devastation of the Culture Revolution, an age when art was viewed as useless and beauty a sin; and the pursuit of either was deemed shameful.

Fortunately, for generations her family was blessed with the good fortune of quality education, including the women of the family, which was almost unheard of at the time. They understood that beauty is a universal need of human beings and art is essential for civilization; and through the pursuit of art and beauty, lives become meaningful when we understand our own nature as spiritual beings. Célestine was brought up with this set of values, untouched by the polluted beliefs of the Chinese society at large at the time.

She showed an early interest in drawing and was taken to most of the limited art events available in Beijing in the 80’s. She was selected to study in a special art program in 7th grade where she built a foundation of technical skills through a three-year curriculum.

When Célestine came to the States as a teenager, she was thrilled to experience appreciation of creativity. She has since lived to bring beauty into everything she has touched. Although she did not choose fine art as her major at university, she continued taking art classes throughout the years from local art schools to private lessons with accomplished artists in Paris and Beijing. She enjoyed a position as the creative director in a technology firm while in her spare time, traveling the world for major art shows, continuously strengthening her artistic development. She also frequents museums, art and culture events to satisfy her instable appetite for beauty.

Her practice pieces and commercial works are often stolen from places where they have been stored and displayed. She has taken it as a compliment and when her very first oil painting won the People's Choice Award at a competition she realized her painting could be more than just a hobby.

Her paintings explore the dark side of beauty and sensuality. The artwork is sexy, painful and worldly. In her work she indulges the reckless pursuit of life's decadence. Attempting to immortalize these fleeting pleasures, she challenges viewers with daring subject matter. Her works are rich in color and lavish with meticulous attention to detail. She has always been fascinated by the moon...because it doesn't matter how beautiful the moon is, it always has a dark side.

Solo and Group Exhibitions

2012 | Coalesce Gallery, featured artist

2011 | From Blanks to Beauty, Group Show/Silent Auction
(the participating piece won the highest bid of the evening)

2011 | Pulse Gallery, In Darkness and Light, Solo Exhibition

2011 | House of the Future, Surrealism Group Exhibition

2010 | Mosaic, Group Exhibition

2009 | Planet Rooth Gallery, Lost & Found Competition
(The participating piece was voted to be the Winner: People's Choice Award)